Monday, 4 October 2010

long weekend projects

It has rained most of the Long Weekend - but we enjoyed it! It brought out our Spring Cleaning spirit strangely enough!

We planted more vegies in our little vegie patch and they look lovely. God I hope they grow!

We made more legs for the 10 birds I made this weekend (including the toucan). That's right - I made 10 more new birds! I feel like I am maybe catching up on my bird making duties!

I re-photographed the birds I had already made, because quite frankly - the original photos were a bit *crap*. This time I used a 75 - 300mm lens which blurs the background but makes the subject sharp and lovely. 

Here is the before and after shots...


The last shot is much truer to colour and the light is even. The background is my wooden paling fence in the backyard. Do you think the second is nicer??

Oh - and I finally photographed one of my little mice. I have more of these to finish too, but its always the final hand sewn details that slow me down. I always put it off and thats why I take so long to finish my birdies and mices. 

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