Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Look at me in AWW Dec 2009

Thats madebykilljoy birds on the mantlepiece behind Michael Clarke!
Yep - very exciting.... My first piece of editorial promotion...
Its just ashame that it said they were from Pulp Creative Paper - rather than from me and my email or blog. Not to worry - still VERY stoked!

Monday, 14 December 2009

My Place and Yours Play-along

I thought I would play along with Meet Me at Mikes "My Place and Yours" theme.
This week the theme was 5 minutes peace....

Its true - I do get quite a bit of my own quiet time - but my newest favourite place to be, is by the french doors in this ridiculously comfortable Eames executive chair (which was a freebie from a generous client of Jay's). Its old, saggy and the leather and foam has broken down and falling apart but boy can this chair recline! Perfect spot to read from and make birds in!