Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Big Cartel Store!

Soon to be ready for sale once I visit the the Post Office to sort out postage cost. Go visit my Big Cartel store !!

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Umbrella Prints Bird

  I love to use printed fabrics in my birds. Especially Australian designed prints.

So when I heard about the competition the Australian company Umbrella Prints was hosting, I was in! Competition Rules? By a Trimmings pack from one of their online stores and make something with it. Hello new bird!

Here is the trimmings pack I received all spread out on the kitchen bench....

Here is the bird mid - creation being pinned and cut on the ironing board....

I used all the pieces except for 2 [which are on the right hand side of the first photo (heart printed fabric)] I patch worked the pieces together onto a base cloth of muslin, cut the bird pieces out and then assembled the bird. I had stitched on a tan leather beak, ochre wings and leg cuffs all made from 100% wool felt and then finally - twig legs from a fallen tree!

handmade and fragile
one of a kind - no two the same

100% cotton - Umbrella Prints fabric
100% wool felt
Tan Leather
twig feet
polyester stuffing

I'm pretty happy with how this little fellow turned out. I had a lot of fun making him and I really like the colours. I don't often choose neutrals [I over did it with the linen for a while] but I'm loving yellow right now and the earthy yellow in these fabrics is really lovely.

I took these shots in my back yard in the afternoon light against our fence line. There was a kookaburra above me keeping an eye on the proceedings and I was hoping he would fly down a bit closer so I could get a shot of both birds together but I think the Kookaburra was waiting for my neighbour to appear with his afternoon snack of mince!

Photo shoot in backyard. Kookaburra top left corner...

I also Instagram-ed [hellokilljoy] this pic of the bird but I didn't think it was so crashed hot [too much yellow sunlight and green weeds] so I nixed it....

If you would like to vote for my bird - you need to head over to Umbrella Prints Pinterest Board. Pin it, like it = ♥

And if you'd like to buy the bird - I think I'll list him in my etsy shop or big cartel shop at the end of the comp. Or you could email me? madebykilljoy [at] gmail [dot] com.

Wish me luck, xx