Friday, 25 July 2014

Bird Hiatus

I have a good excuse for not making any birds for the past year or so. I was busy making a baby!

During my pregnancy I came down with a case of Carpal Tunnel in my hands towards the last 4 months. I would wake in the morning unable to make a fist with my hands and found brushing my hair, teeth, using scissors and writing a wee bit tricky and painful. Everyone said once the baby came, the CT would go away. Yes! I thought. Two things to look forward to.

My beautiful little boy Finlay arrived, but the wrist pain (albeit just in my right hand) stayed and got worse. I struggled to pick him up even. He didn't sleep much and all creative pursuits went on indefinite hold.

But - as always - this too shall pass. Finn (7 months) now enjoys a sleep or two during the day, I am managing my wrist with a brace and I am back making birds. Hooray! Here they are below, xx