Thursday, 30 September 2010

how to make a toucan??

I promised to make my mother a bird.... and she asked for a toucan. A toucan!
Have you seen what those birds look like?? They are truely amazing - but how the bloody hell do you make one?

I have started on some research. I found lots of beautiful images on google but I like this one best...

I also like these two...

Its amazing how they blend into the tropical forests. I found some excellent info on Toucans at this site. Did you know that their beaks are hollow and can grow up to 45cms in length? Amazing.

Here I am on the kitchen floor starting to work out the pattern. Planning on making the beak hollow and stiffened with lots of interfacing. Should be done by Christmas I reckon!  

I'm so far behind on all my birds. When people ask me for one, I quite seriously tell them there is a 12 week wait! But yesterday I made 4 birds - and they are now just awaiting legs and feet. And a leg ring label. And and and...

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