Friday, 17 December 2010

counting down the days to India...

In less than a month - we will be in Rajasthan, the bright, colourful, northern state of India!

We will be going here - Udaipur...

Jodhpur - the 'Blue" city...

Jaipur - the 'Pink' city...

and Delhi....

I can't wait! We have had our vaccines, got our Visa's, packed a first aid kit, booked train tickets and our first hotel and are currently deciding whether to take a pack or a suitcase! Can't decide... any suggestions are welcomed.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Luminarium - Architects of Air ♥

I cannot wait to go and visit the Luminarium in January! It will be installed on the Sydney Opera House forecourt for nearly all of January as part of Sydney Festival.

It looks truly amazing - an inflated world filled with light and tunnels and cathedral like spaces. Apparently it only takes 20 minutes to inflate, is hand made by a team of 5 people over 4 months and is glued together! It can withstand about 100 inflations and after a couple of years is shredded up and recycled.

It does remind me a little of Olafur Eliasson's amazing installations that were at the MCA early in 2010. These images below are from Eliasson's exhibition. There is definitely a similarity don't you think? I loved that exhibition too - it was an absolute treat for the senses.


I'm off to buy my tickets now - only $10ea. Total bargain!
For tickets of your own go to the Sydney Opera House website ~ its called "Mirazozo Architects of Air"...

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Ornament Swap

So - I've joined a swap. I've always wanted to do one of these, but could never find the right one, or join up in time or didn't think the theme was for me. And then I found this one on Freshly Blended - an ornament swap!

Here are my ornaments. I made them from some brightly coloured wool felt I had and then machine stitched them. I actually made some other ones out of modeling clay but didn't like the results so I went for something manageable in the short time frame I had left. Cut off day for sending is Friday 10th December. I think I'll make it just in time! Can't wait to receive mine in the mail from the lovely people all over the world....

p.s. In real life they are not so horrible and bright! The camera on my phone is not known for its award winning photos...

Thursday, 2 December 2010

hello C-Mag!

C.Mag#5 Front Cover

I'm really enjoying all the lovely e.mag's that are about at the moment. I do still like to turn paper pages and hold something physical in my hands, but an e.mag is a nice change.

Here are some Killjoy birds in the latest Corporate Culture magazine. The nice thing, is that if you hold your cursor over the birds, a weblink pops up that directs you to this blog! Nifty huh? Check it out - C-Mag#5. Online now!

Full image double page spread in C.Mag#5 > birds on top of white box drawers!

Other e.mags I have been enjoying include the new Sweet Paul - lovely food photography, gift ideas and recipes. Its aimed at Northern Hemisphere peeps, but its great all the same...

Sweet Paul e.mag

And the other e.mag I've liked is Gifted from Creature Comforts. Again - lovely photography, gift ideas (with those great weblinks), crafty features and yummy looking food. I saw lots of gifts in there I'd quite like myself AND downloaded some great gift tags from one of the page spreads!

gifted e.mag

I think I am now starting to feel Christmas in the (cold and wet) air!