Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Blog Feature!

The lovely peeps at Parliament of Two featured one of my birdies on their Blog! Here is a little screen shot...

You should go visit their blog! They are terribly clever and find all sorts of cool stuff to write about on their blog. You should also go buy stuff from their Big Cartel shop! Ohh - hello! They are on Etsy too..

I particularly like this brooch - its kind of creepy and I really like that quality in my brooches. I could freak out my students with a big mouth on my shirt. That would stop them in their tracks!!

Fun things I bought on Etsy!

Oh dear - I've been spending on Etsy!

I recently went to ArtExpress at AGNSW and saw a student had heavily referenced Rob Ryan's work. It was a beautiful artwork - but made me think of how much I really like Rob Ryan's original work. So I bought some of his work on etsy!

This is what I bought!

Ceramic Tile

printed packing tape

But wait - I bought more....

I also bought this lovely top from a seller in Thailand. Her name is SweetDecade. I really hope the tops fits, but a little part of me thinks that it might be too small. AND - I especially like the way she sent me photo's of how she packaged it! See how cute it looks? I really can't wait for my goodies to arrive...

Pretty tulip print top


Hurry up Postman!

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Charley Harper ♥♥

Ah - Christmas!

I received the most wonderful book for christmas... "Charley Harper - An Illustrated Life". Okay, sure - I had it written down on my christmas list but it wasn't until I had it in my hot little hands that I realised how WONDERFUL this book is.

It's a great book full of the most beautiful pictures. Each page is amazing. I also think he was a little bird obsessed too!

I've also been practicing my Illustrator skills by trying to copy the pictures - just for inspiration mind you! I think I've done okay too although of course, I'm pretty sure Mr Harper didn't use ANY computer software to draw his beautiful works....

And just quietly, how amazing is this mural?? I want one for my bathroom one day....

John Weld Peck Federal Building in Cincinnati, Ohio (1964)

We've now become fully fledged Charley Harper fans. We have chosen the posters we'd like to order off the website (shame about the US$50 postage costs!!) and are saving our pennies AND we've bookmarked the site AND ordered the 2011 wall calendar from Berkelouw and are now eagerly awaiting its arrival! Maybe as a stingy option we can frame the pictures from the calendar at the end of the year...

Yay for Charley Harper!!