Tuesday, 17 November 2009

how lovely are these softies? jealous! And that peacock..... just pretty.

from article on living creatively 
about Brooklyn artist Tamar Mogendorff

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Tote on a Blog!

madebykilljoy spotlight!
Shinzi Katoh Canvas Tote
- available on etsy

Thank You Ambon Toby

Monday, 9 November 2009

new birds for Pulp

Below are some newly made birds, ready to fly off to Pulp. How long they'll be there - nobody knows....

Friday, 6 November 2009

two little birds

Introducing two of my little birds!
This is what madebykilljoy has been up to!
On the left is a Long Billed, Green Hooded Midget Wren and on the right is a Skinny Legged, Grey Bottomed Peach Bird.
They are made from 100% linen, printed cotton fabrics and wool felt. The birds legs are made from twigs we sourced from the back yard. Nice!

They are available to purchase from Pulp Creative Paper in Manly (but they may be sold by now!)

welcome to madebykilljoy

Hello - how are you?
Who are you?
Who am I you ask? Well........

I have been in and out of the blogger community for about 3 years now and perhaps - if I'd stayed as the one "person" the whole time - I might have developed myself a bit of a following by now. BUT - I haven't!
I have been marisalouise, killingtime 101 and now - as my final reincarnation - I am madebykilljoy.

Why did I finally choose this name?

A name is so hard to choose. My real name is Marisa and when I called my shop and blog "marisalouise" I felt too close to whatever I did. I couldn't escape who I was - my real name was my brand. I needed an alter ego!
I first became quite attached to the name blanket. I thought it would be a great name as it would have allowed me to make a whole variety of things under one umbrella (or blanket really). Then I did some research and found it was already being used by a fantastic online creative magazine - which I happen to love now! (you should check it out blanket magazine)

There is no denying that the name killjoy has some negative connotations. Quite a few of my collegues, friends and family aren't big fans of it. Thats part of the reason I like it! I would never describe myself AS a killjoy (destroyer of other people's fun) but I do like the way the word is a combination of a positive and a negative. Its like a yin and a yang perhaps; a black and a white; a good versus evil. Aren't we all a combination of those things?

So - here I am!
A killjoy who makes things.
Nice to meet you, xx