Monday, 18 October 2010

Flap Flap

I could be on the home stretch with my birds - which is very sad  ☹

We are nearly all out of the branches we use to make little bird feet and legs. It seems like, unless I come up with another ingenious solution to making them, then I might be only making about 10 more birds. And then thats it!

The source of our bird feet and legs was a fallen tree in our backyard. God knows what type of tree it is (we rent see, and didn't plant the tree) and we stumbled upon it by chance whilst gardening. I knew this day would come - but I don't think I'm ready to move on yet....

Here are some of the most recent birds I have made - I'm liking long legs at the moment. Maybe I am wishing that I too had long legs?


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  1. Love these birds, just got my info about the ornament swap and you are in my group!