Thursday, 15 April 2010

WIP's and a completed project!

Some birds mid - construction.

Some are working, some are not. I have always got a few birds half finished hanging around. Sometimes I never finish them, others I rescue from impending doom.... I don't think the little linen one in the middle is going to make it! The seams are twisted and the linen is a bit of a nightmare to unpick. I'll reuse his little wings (below him) though...

And a finished project!

Doesn't this look much better now thats its stretched and mounted in an embroidery hoop? I backed it with some white leather to make sure that it was tight and not see-through. Not sure about the black ribbon though... a bit girly for me I think.


Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Friday, 9 April 2010

five faves - with meet me at mikes

I haven't played along with a meme for a little while so thought I would join Pips 5 faves from Meet me at Mikes . Here goes...

1. Eames chairs - ours are black and our home doesn't look like this... but we DO have those chairs!

2. Japanese Sewing book - "The Stylish Dress Book". Quite frankly, I'm addicted to this book and have made at least 4 things from it. All from lovely japanese fabric too! Ridiculous...

3. Hanging clothes on the washing line to dry. Love it. Especially when you take them off and they are still warm from the sun...

4. Le Chasseur cookware - we cook everything in ours  and even though I regularly burn myself on it I can't stop using it. Stove top, oven, table top. Looks good always.
5. KitchenAid. One day I'll buy myself one. One day...... soon. If only I lived in the States - these guys are US$249 over there! Compare to AU$649 - thats cheap!