Monday, 20 October 2014

payment options

With the markets less than 2 months away, I'm in the throes of trying to finalise a few things. Bird making is on the go, leg making has begun, boxes have been sourced and today I figured out how to tie up a box with string to form a handle thereby eliminating the need for a bag as well. Win!

Two final things are stumping me. How to effectively use my 1.5m2 stall space and payment options. I'm still figuring out the market stall design (with the help of Pinterest) so for now, my question is - would you happily use this PayPal options as payment at a market?

 I've not seen one before but I can buy one at Officeworks. A bank won't hire me an EFTPOS machine and I think my birds cost a little bit more than you might have floating around in your pocket, so I feel I need to accept Credit Cards and debit cards. Here is a youtube info clip. I think it looks good.

Would you trust it and use it at a market?


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