Saturday, 30 June 2012

Cloth Fabric Birds

A little while ago, I went into Cloth Fabric in Surry Hills to buy some fabric off cuts for some birds and other unrealised projects. After rummaging through the piles for the choice cuts,  I started chatting to the lovely Julie Paterson (owner/artist of Cloth Fabric). To cut a long story short - I showed her some images of my birds, she really liked them and asked me to make a bird for her if she supplied the fabric. How could I say no?!

Here is the fabric she gave me and a bird mid-way through production....

One bird is a "Sparrow" made with the brown/green/cream/neutral colours and has a leather beak and little leather feathers on 100% wool felt wings. The other is a "Night Heron" made from the red/cream/black/orange fabrics. He also has felt wings but with a circle detail hand stitched on and some little holes.

I really like them paired together. They look like good friends already!


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