Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Fun things I bought on Etsy!

Oh dear - I've been spending on Etsy!

I recently went to ArtExpress at AGNSW and saw a student had heavily referenced Rob Ryan's work. It was a beautiful artwork - but made me think of how much I really like Rob Ryan's original work. So I bought some of his work on etsy!

This is what I bought!

Ceramic Tile

printed packing tape

But wait - I bought more....

I also bought this lovely top from a seller in Thailand. Her name is SweetDecade. I really hope the tops fits, but a little part of me thinks that it might be too small. AND - I especially like the way she sent me photo's of how she packaged it! See how cute it looks? I really can't wait for my goodies to arrive...

Pretty tulip print top


Hurry up Postman!

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