Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Holiday activity...

I finally finished my crochet-ed blanket! I have been looking at this incomplete blanket for YEARS and on account of it being freezing in Sydney this winter, I decided it was high time I finished it.

Okay, okay - so its not very big but I genuinely ran out of wool and I can't find it in Spotlight anymore. Thank God really! I couldn't bear to do anymore.

But I think it looks quite good, and its actually quite warm. Here it is on my wicker chair, on the moss covered patio.

I have also been playing with the fancy school DSLR and took this pretty picture of some camelia's from the front garden in the kitchen when - shock horror - the sun was shining in through the windows

We have also been to the Paddington Reservoir. Have you been there? It is amazing. It is like a hanging garden hidden in Sydney on Oxford St. Bliss! Go there with a picnic - how nice!

(me at the Reservoir)

(see! Beautiful!)

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