Thursday, 4 March 2010

bird hiatus....

Its been so long....

People keeping asking me "how are your birds?" and I keep slinking away with shame. I'm sad to say, I got bird-ed out. I'm surprised at how quickly it happened and I have a new found admiration for artists who have the dedication to pursue a theme until they have exhausted all possibilities. That's drive - that is!

How did Morandi - whose beautiful tonal paintings I adore - paint still lifes for so many years repeatedly??

Giorgio Morandi
Still Life 1949
Oil on Canvas 36cm x 43.7cm


I HAVE made more birds. Actually, I made them a while ago but we have been enjoying their company on the shelves at home so I didn't want to sell them. But Pulp have rung a few times now and seeing as they have always been so good to me, I will part with my little flock. And then I can make more!


This last little man (above) might be staying with us as he has some stitching issues. He's my first real go at sewing with leather and he has a quite few stitch hole marks in the leather so he's a bit too shabby to sell. 
We need a little bird of our own anyway...

what do you think of my other little birdies?

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