Friday, 6 November 2009

welcome to madebykilljoy

Hello - how are you?
Who are you?
Who am I you ask? Well........

I have been in and out of the blogger community for about 3 years now and perhaps - if I'd stayed as the one "person" the whole time - I might have developed myself a bit of a following by now. BUT - I haven't!
I have been marisalouise, killingtime 101 and now - as my final reincarnation - I am madebykilljoy.

Why did I finally choose this name?

A name is so hard to choose. My real name is Marisa and when I called my shop and blog "marisalouise" I felt too close to whatever I did. I couldn't escape who I was - my real name was my brand. I needed an alter ego!
I first became quite attached to the name blanket. I thought it would be a great name as it would have allowed me to make a whole variety of things under one umbrella (or blanket really). Then I did some research and found it was already being used by a fantastic online creative magazine - which I happen to love now! (you should check it out blanket magazine)

There is no denying that the name killjoy has some negative connotations. Quite a few of my collegues, friends and family aren't big fans of it. Thats part of the reason I like it! I would never describe myself AS a killjoy (destroyer of other people's fun) but I do like the way the word is a combination of a positive and a negative. Its like a yin and a yang perhaps; a black and a white; a good versus evil. Aren't we all a combination of those things?

So - here I am!
A killjoy who makes things.
Nice to meet you, xx

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